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AISA Therapeutics

Founded in October 2005 by Pr Dr Patrizia Anna d’Alessio, MD PhD – AISA Therapeutics, which is an acronym for Anti-Inflammatory Senescence Actives, is dedicated to the development and commercialization of non-toxic anti-inflammatory / anti-senescence products, based on a novel concept.

Vision & Mission

Inflammation is at the basis of aging. AISA research and products are about stopping inflammation to stop aging. In doing so, they have also been shown to treat chronic inflammatory diseases. 

AISA Therapeutics aims at developing nutraceutical, cosmeceutical and pharmacological products under the brand AISA moleculum®. AISA Capsules are Nutraceuticals increasing lifespan – healthspan – longevity and quality of life thanks to their non toxic anti-inflammatory and mood enhancing effect. 

AISA Brumes and Serum are Cosmeceuticals and have a stunning skin beautification effect wiping away wrinkles, restoring skin elasticity and cancelling redness (one of the signs of inflammation).

Innovation : 
AISA molecules are non-toxic, have an anti-inflammatory effect and display anti-stress and anti-aging properties based on their anti-senescence activity.